Vascular Lesions

Blood vessels are meant to be the invisible supply line for oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Occasionally the small veins or arteries in the skin are large enough to see (spider veins). The cover-up or foundation required to hide these vessels may not be enough. Laser technology with Sciton can target those blood vessels, and make them disappear for good. Each vessel has blood flowing in it, which is the red we see. The Sciton is set to target the red color of the blood, heating the lining of the small vessel until the two sides of the vessel are closed, leaving no room for the blood to flow, eliminating the appearance of a thin red or blue line. The effect is often immediate.

Vascular lesions like spider veins, arterial malformations, angiomata, and strawberry nevi are part of the skin’s structure. Getting rid of the visible lines does not prevent new ones from occurring. Optimal skin health measures are necessary to reduce new spider veins from appearing. Asking Dr. G. Dyck for skin health protection advice will give you the confidence you need. Call Clear Aesthetics at 320-1010.

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Vascular Or Pigmented Lesions $150 (Per Additional Lesion) $50 Leg Veins $200

(Per 15 Minute Session)

Note: All prices are subject to change and do not include applicable taxes.

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