Photorejuvenation is a technical term for the removal of sun damage to the face with special laser light treatment. The freckles that turn into patches, the patches that turn into dark spots, and the dark spots that turn rough, are all evidence of sun damage to the skin. The extra pigment that is stored in the skin cell as a result of damage to the skin can be targeted with laser technology. The pigment absorbs the heat from the laser light, and causes the skin to release that area of damage. As a result, immediately after a treatment, the pigment is more visible, along with mild redness. Over the next several days, the redness fades, and the color of the retained pigment appears more intense as it is pushed towards the surface of the skin by new skin growing underneath. By seven to ten days the pigment is at the surface of the skin, and begins to shed, leaving a less colorful you. For those of us with a lot of sun damage several treatments may be necessary over 4-9 months, depending on the degree of photorejuvenation you are looking to achieve.

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Face $200 – $300 Face with ALA $350 – $450 Neck And Chest $500 – $600 Forearms $450 Full Arms $600 Upper Back $500 – $600

Note: All prices are subject to change and do not include applicable taxes.

24 Hours Post PhotorejuvenationBefore PhotorejuvenationBefore PhotorejuvenationBefore PhotorejuvenationBefore PhotorejuvenationBefore Photorejuvenation
14 Days After Photorejuvenation14 Days After Photorejuvenation14 Days After Photorejuvenation14 Days After Photorejuvenation14 Days After Photorejuvenation