Laser Hair Removal

Hair has been removed from the human body for thousands of years. Laser technology now allows us to avoid plucking, pulling, waxing and chemicals, to achieve long lasting results.

The color in our hair is the target for the laser light energy. The energy absorbed by the color heats the follicle enough to prevent the follicle from producing a new hair. About 20% of our hair follicles are actively growing hair at any one time (anagen phase), so it takes several treatments to achieve reduced hair growth. Not all follicles respond to laser treatment, depending on skin type, color of hair, or are simply very resistant to the effects of the laser produced heat.

Your skin and hair are analyzed and a specific treatment program is determined for each person. Each treatment is physician directed at Clear Aesthetics.

The laser light produces heat, so the skin is cooled during the treatment process. Some redness and slight swelling may be present immediately after a treatment, which usually resolves within a few hours. Protect your skin from the sun at all times with clothing or sun screen.

Call Clear Aesthetics at 320-1010 or e-mail to make your appointment to analyze your hair and skin. Shave time off your busy schedule instead of hair off your body.

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Before And After Pictures

Before TreatmentBefore Treatment
After 7 TreatmentsAfter 7 Treatments

Upper Lip $75 – $150
Chin $75 – $150
Cheeks $75 – $150
Full Face $250
Neck $200
Underarms $175 – $250
Forearms $250 – $300
Chest $300 – $450
Abdomen $250
Linea Nigra Line $150
Back $300 – $400
Buttocks $250 – $300
Bikini / Brazilian $150 – $400
Thighs $250 – $350
Lower Legs $275 – $400
Hands $150
Feet $150

Note: All prices are per session. 5-8 treatments are necessary for best results.

Note: All prices are subject to change and do not include applicable taxes.