Our face is full in our youth. Time can wear our skin down, losing volume in our cheeks, and revealing creases that are deeper than necessary. Juvederm is the filler used at Clear Aesthetics to tame the effect of time. Juvederm is placed deep under the skin over the cheek bone to return the volume of a younger day. Juvederm is placed just beneath the skin to fill in large creases in the skin, making them less visible. Clear Aesthetics Juvederm has lidocaine, a local anesthetic, included in the formula to make getting your filler as comfortable as possible.

Our lips lose volume over time so Juvederm Ultra Plus was developed to return that volume. Your facial analysis and professional medical advice will answer your questions. Ask what approach is best for you by calling Clear Aesthetics at 204-320-1010.

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Before And After Pictures

Before JuvedermBefore JuvedermBefore JuvedermBefore JuvedermBefore JuvedermBefore Soft Lift
After JuvedermAfter JuvedermAfter JuvedermAfter JuvedermAfter JuvedermAfter Soft Lift